The Top Five Reasons To Call A South Florida Power Washing Service

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The floor machines are durable equipments with precision balance thus give years of service with easy and practically torque free operation. The floor machines provide quiet, rugged, efficient, oil free service. It is available in various pad sizes like seventeen and twenty inches with adjustable handle and twist grip start. The powerful capacitor starts the motor thus rotating the pads at high speed.

The Pacemaker floor machine is the powerful dual capacitor Alternating current motors. It has tough flexible gear system with two stage gear reduction to eliminate stress. It is none slipping, no oil, positive gear contact, constant speed, shock absorbing and maintenance free. The handle of the machine is adjustable and twist grip start has a mechanical lockout to avoid accidental starts.

The high speed floor machines are designed for spray buffing or spray cleaning. This high speed floor oil expeller machine gives the floor a deep, lustrous sheen in less time than a standard floor machine can do. That means hours off of daily spray buffing schedules. It saves time and money. A one and a half horse power rectified direct current motor draws much less current than alternating current high speed motors and run with greater output and efficiency.

An all purpose floor machine is ideal for a variety of floor surfaces that need regular cleaning. It turns at a faster speed so it gets the job done faster. This machine is known as all purpose floor machines because it carries its own solution tank centered over the pad. The three gallon solution tank is mounted over the motor housing and can hold stripping or scrubbing solution for hard floors. The shampoo is put in the tank and a special soft touch floating brush is added with its bristle ring and smooth center disc. This is used to shampoo the carpets. This all purpose floor machines is perfect for spray buffing with high pad speed and pressurized spray buff.

A burnisher is equipment for cleaning the floors. It comes in different varieties. Cord electric burnisher gives floors a mirror like shine in one cleaning. It uses a torsion spring to eliminate pad pressure variances which results in a consistently even luster across the floor, despite of the uneven floors or operator experience. The burnisher is available in seventeen and twenty inches pad sizes.

Some burnishers are capable of operating on battery also. They are known as battery powered burnishers. The battery powered burnishers eliminated the follow up dust moping of burnishing dust from floors. Specially designed shroud contains dust which is blown into dual filter or collector bags. The free floating flexible pad oil expeller gives an even shine and has an adjustment for weight to speed balance for the right combination ensuring the best burnishing results. Self propelling wheel drive makes it easier to maneuver and less tiring to operate.

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